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  • You can contact us for information on the letort.

  • Raise fish for food and profit including trout, bass, tilapia, catfish, and more with our methods, techniques, and scientific library

  • Fly fishing the Letort Spring Run in Carlisle Pennyslvania is different than freestone fly fishing because of the environment and the sophisticated trout.

  • Fly fishing guiding and instruction on the letort or other pennsylvania spring creeks with gene macri.

  • Letort Spring run is one of the most well known and challenging limestone spring creeks for fly fishing in the world.

  • Limestoner Journal covers all the techniques, methods, fly patterns, entomology and fly fishing info needed to be successful on limestone spring creeks.

  • A tribute by gene macri to some of the most famous and legendary fly fishermen on the letort.

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  • Protect your family with our suvival and emergency library including gun manuals, courses, emergency medical books and information that you need.

  • Resources for spring creek fly fishing including free info.

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  • Gene Macri has done more research on the letort and other spring creeks than anyone.

  • The Letort is one of the birth places of fly fishing with its selective brown trout on a limestone spring creek.


Late August to Late September

Letort Spring Run Latest Fly Fishing Report. 

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